My pursuit of happiness

cropped-happiness.jpgPositive mind, positive life – that’s what they say…

Admitting you’re unhappy or feeling down is something the majority of people avoid and spend most of their time pretending to be ok or they have the time of their life on their holidays or days off etc. But, unfortunately, more and more people now suffer from stress and depression – in fact 1 in 4 people suffer from mental health problems in the UK alone, as well as 17 out of every 100th person having suicidal thoughts.[1] This information is provided by the mental health charity ‘Mind’.

Depression 2.6 in 100 people
Anxiety 4.7 in 100 people
Mixed anxiety and depression 9.7 in 100 people
Phobias 2.6 in 100 people
OCD 1.3 in 100 people
Panic disorder 1.2 in 100 people
Post traumatic stress disorder 3.0 in 100 people
Eating disorders 1.6 in 100 people


But just because this is the case, doesn’t mean to say these numbers are accurate. I bet there are hundreds and thousands of people out there suffering in silence until things get too much and this just isn’t right. Just because a lot of people feel like it and people say “that’s life” doesn’t make it right. We ALL have the right to be happy and to follow our hearts and dreams – it is never too late. This leads me onto the whole point in writing this blog post. follow your heart

For the last few weeks, probably months deep down, I along with the rest of the nation, have felt deeply unhappy and unmotivated with everything in life. It is the worst realization one can come to and it’s even harder to get out of it. You know you need to change something, but the big question is what? “The three components of happiness are; something to do, something to love, and something to look forward to” (Dr Gordon Livingston).[2] Figuring out all three were difficult. When you truly look inside yourself and listen to your heart, it is very different to what your head thinks you should do and sends you into an internal conflict. The one thing I can suggest is you always, always listen to your heart and follow it. It may reveal desires and wishes you never knew you had because you have spent far too long trying to please other people and doing what you think is expected of you.  components of happiness

The trouble with this is, you will never be happy or content, therefore always pretending to be someone you’re not. Life is far too short for that. You only get one life – live it. It can be taken from you in a single moment. I have decided many things the past two weeks and all of them involve doing what I want and trying new things. All you can do is try. Variety is the spice of life after all. We were not put on this planet to just work, pay bills and go on one crappy holiday a year. There is so much to see, do and experience out there and I do not want to miss out on that for the sake of having a house full of stuff that I barely spend time in because I have to work my arse off, in a job I hate to earn it. That is not living. It is merely just existing, we are becoming a nation of robots and it has to stop.

My pursuit of happiness is taking me down new roads and I’m sure along the way I will hit bumps in the road and dead ends but unless I try I will never know. And that goes for everyone. You can’t expect it to happen if you do nothing to change it. Changing your attitude is the best place to start, if you think negatively the downward spiral will continue, but if you adjust your mindset, your life will slowly start to change.



2 thoughts on “My pursuit of happiness

  1. This post just brought me back. I was suffering in silence for a very long, long time and only recently decided to do something about it. Thanks for this article.

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